Listing Your Business on Google

Google is an American, multi-national company mastering in the Internet search realm, owning more than 70% of the market today.  This company has dominated the corporate IT, advertising, and retail markets. But its greatest achievement to date would be to brand their services by coining its own phrase "Google It".

A great strategy for any and all businesses is to allow the ever popular answer, "Google It"  direct the inquirer to you.  Setting up your business on Google is a painless, free service that's essential to all business looking to become visible.  It helps direct potenial clients to you through simple online searches as well as providing credibility by having an online presence on Google. 

As expected, you can begin your process by searching Google Places.  Only business owners or authorized representatives may verify their business listings on Google Places.  Create a business email account, for example if your business website is your matching email address would be  You can get started creating your free listing on Google Places by clicking here.

Some quick tips to save you some time:

  • Business Name: Present your business name as it appears on all offline material. It's essential to remain consistent throughout.
  • Business Location:  Use the exact address to describe your business location.  Resist using broad city names or cross streets.  If you are a business with multiple specializations, such as an Italian restaurant/pizza shop, it is not necessary to create multiple accounts for each specialty.
  • Website & Phone Number: Provide a contact phone number that connects to your place of business and one website that represents the business locale.  Use a local phone number, not a call center number.
  • Categories: Select at least one category that suggests your type of business.  Categories should explain what your business does (i.e Pizza Shop), not what it sells ($1 slices).

After you've completed your listing, Google will contact you to verify your business and its accuracy.  Don't waste your time trying to add multiple listings, or use variations of your business name.  They'll know, they always know!  Remember, a computer or mobile phone is always in reach and searching on it is more convenient than flipping through a phone book.  If by now you don't get the magnitude of Google and how to make it work for your business, you may need to do yourself a favor and "Google it"!

This is NOT a paid service.  While some Google services such as Adwords and CPC campaigns do call for an expert, this is not one of them.  Chances are if you fill everything out correctly and list your business today, within the next 6 months you will achieve an acceptable position.

Contact us if you would like to talk about an Online Marketing strategy above and beyond just being listed on Google.  There are a multitude of different Services that we offer to improve your business presence online.

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