Some Common Mistakes in Branding Development

When you finally accept and commit to the idea of branding your business, there are a number of new things to think about while remaining focused on your business goals.  Being a design agency, there are all different types of clients that provide unique experiences and challenges.  Hopefully our point of view can help you deliver a thoughtful branding, minus some commonly overlooked mistakes. 

Brand Maintenance - Sticking to the Plan.

A lot of businesses forget that keeping your brand consistent is a critical part in gaining recognition of your company.  You cannot appease everyone, but be sure to have a focus on your niche market.  Keep your brand fresh by coming up with creative ways to present it and keep it in front of your prospective customers, not by rearranging the elements or changing colors and fonts. 

"You and not Them"

Who are your future customers and what do they want?  Branding your business isn't an inside joke, deliver a message that everyone can understand - loud and clear.  Often times business owners lose focus on the ultimate goal of running a business, giving your customers what they want and how they want it.  When working with clients, the term "I want" often stems into a personal project rather than a strategic initiative.

Running too fast

There is absolutely no reason to be rushing past critical parts of your business, especially the most important, your branding and identity.  Remember that your logo is going to be at the forefront of your business, what you represent and how good you are at what you do.  Slow down and make sure you're not rushing to piece something together that you're not going to really believe in.

"I've Got a Guy"

Any established agency or designer will have a healthy stash of brands they have worked with and a story behind each one.  Too many times a company will rely on inexperienced resources to piece together clip art and stock fonts and call it a logo.  Due diligence is necessary when selecting a partner for building your brand, if their work doesn't show you that they can get the job done effectively, they probably can't.

If all other elements are removed from your business, assuming that you are equal with your competitors, and we look at the brand stability, what do we see?  Which brand is going to leave the customer feeling more comfortable that they are going to be there in the distant future to support them?

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