I have previously worked with another marketing company and they were very difficult to work with and were unresponsive, how is Cre8tive Inc. different?

We can start by pointing you in the direction of our Methodology.  This is our commitment to ensuring that every project we take on is produced to the best of our ability.  We only recommend a price and suggestion based on what we know to be adequate for the result that a client is looking for.  Outside of the production results, the culture here is very unique.  We are reinvesting into our clients needs by providing new services and online tools to market their businesses successfully.  Additionally our business is built on customer service and a foundation of business ethics.  Our dedication to your business success and satisfaction is what sets us apart from other companies.  Contact us and let us know more about where you're coming from and where we can help you go.

What is Cre8tive Inc.'s niche market?

We understand the challenges small businesses face when looking for a marketing company.  Our focus is primarily on small businesses that are looking to renovate or expand their presense within an industry.  We're not confused with the demographic we serve and we won't take on projects that aren't within our diciplines.  Cre8tive Inc. will deliver the large agency treatment that you deserve as a small business.  Many marketing agencies are busy hunting for the whales while we're busy swimming with the sharks!  

Along with small businesses we focus on Start-up companies.  If you are new to business or looking to start one, our Launch 360 services are directly marketed for Start-ups and businesses looking to update their image.

I am a start up business with a tight budget, can Cre8tive Inc. help?

Yes, we understand how hard it is to start up a business in today's world.  Contact us to let us know what you are looking to accomplish.  Our team of strategists can develop an effective marketing roadmap to assist you with a schedule that can coordinate with your cash flow.  We are very reasonable when it comes to creative financial solutions and we will never oversell a soltuion to a client.  We offer financing to qualified customers.  Request a Quote and let us know just how tight that budget is.

I am a local small business, is Cre8tive Inc. considered a competitor?

Absolutely not.  We are a service provider that leverages local and international talent under a single umbrella.  The tools we have invested in, project management techniques and sales experience enable productive outlets for service providers to operate in conjunction with our team.  Long story short, we're here to work with you and we are constantly evaluating our service providers in different areas of our offerings.  If you're interested in working with us or have a service you think we may be interested in, click here.

Does Cre8tive Inc. provide editable files with standard design projects?

Unfortunately we never provide editable designs for our standard design projects.  In theory, an editable file would enable you to break down our artwork and illegally generate new variations. If you require a layered design, discuss this with your account manager prior to entering an agreement with us so we can quote accordingly.  Editable files increase the cost of your project and are typically only included with any Vector Design or Web Layouts.  We release editable files for a cost on a case per case basis.

I was on another website and saw/read something very similar to something that I saw on your website, what should I do?

Please contact us!  Despite being in a creative industry, there often is plajarism and individuals that steal copy written text and copyrighted images.  Our website is 100% unique in design although inspired by others and our own written content, all protected under strict copyright.  if you feel that someone has copied our material, please do us a favor and let us know, there may just be a reward.