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Keeping your customers informed has never been easier.  Our E-mail Marketing service provided by Stream, gives your business the tools it needs to reach your audience and keep them engaged.  The portal allows you to manage and prepare future campaigns, track and monitor performance, and maintain contacts.  Our analytic tools are specific enough to show what links your audience clicked on.  Our email services are a popular way to send updates on new services, or send incentives to spark repeat customers. View Screenshots of Stream in action.

What are the benefits of Stream E-mail Marketing?

  • Flexible Payment Options - Monthly or Per Campaign
  • Build a responsive customer base
  • Better deliverability for your sent e-mails
  • Monitor the performance
  • Integrate Google Analytics
  • Increase response rates from customers
  • Retain more customers
  • Decrease your Direct Mailing expenses

Sign up for Stream today and only pay for the campaigns you send.  No more monthly fees for unsent e-mails!  We customize plans for our customers based on their needs.  Our flexibility can span delivery plus recipient cost that is sure to beat the competitors rates.

Make sure you're in compliance with our opt-in policy for sending e-mails.  We do not authorize clients to send unsolicited e-mails under any circumstance. 


Contact your Customers with Professional E-mails
Easy to Use Tools for Designing E-mails
Built in WYSIWYG Editor
No Visible Branding or Links when Sending E-mails
Import Previous Custom Designed Templates
See Screenshots of your E-mail in over 15 different Programs
Build re-usable templates
Images hosted from a superfast CDN
Send from any Time Zone
Forward to a Friend
Test your E-mail through Popular Spam Filters


Build and Maintain your Customer List
We included embedded forms for your website
Customize your Subscription Process
Opt-in Services for New E-mail Addresses
Track you list growth through RSS
Suppression Lists
Unsubscribe Reports
Amazing Analytics and Graphical Reporting
SPAM Complaint Reports
Customize the Unsubscribe Process
Convenient Contact Importing Process
Track Conversions and ROI
Reliable Deliverability
Custom Fields

Campaign Management

At Cre8tive Inc., we are driven to produce substantial results through our campaign management services.  From strategy to delivery, Cre8tiveInc can manage every aspect of your marketing campaign.  Stand assured that our experts are working hard to carry out your initiatives, saving you time and increasing efficiency.

One-off Campaign

Does your current initiative focus delivery of a single e-mail blast?  Give us your content and a list of e-mail addresses to send your content to.  We will create an e-mail, deliver it to your customers, and provide a report - including how many customers opened and clicked on any embedded links.  We can even utilize this opportunity to let you know any rejected or non-working e-mail addresses.  Contact us today for a quote, be sure to let us know the quantity of recipients and send a sample of your content.

Collaborative Campaign Management

Partner with Cre8tive Inc. to have us consistently manage your e-mail campaigns.  You provide the content and we handle the rest.  We work with your team to build strategic campaigns and deploy them.  The collaborative service creates good habits for your business and enables customers to remain within reach.  Our enhanced e-mail analytics give you the visibility you need to manage campaigns from a higher level and determine if your business needs to adjust its approach.  Want to know more?  Contact us to discuss our Collaborative Campaign Management further.

E-mail Design

A well designed email is the cornerstone of any successful targeted advertising campaign.  Let Cre8tive Inc.'s Creative team help you produce something that is eye catching and compels potential customers to take action.  Our designers create effective e-mail designs that are not only captivating, but effective and easy to read.  We can even integrate our designed templates with your Stream portal so you can simply login, edit and send.  There's no copy and pasting required or messy formatting errors to deal with.

For a limited time we are including a custom designed template with all Stream Starter Packages so you have an e-mail template that you can begin marketing to your existing customers and prospects.  Additionally with the Starter Package, we assist you with your first campaign and help you get your contacts imported. Contact us to find out more on how you can get started today!


In 2011 the Cre8tive Inc. Management decided to extend a partnership to Lime//Cloud.  The Lime//Cloud offering is extensive and completely managed, supported, and sold through Cre8tive Inc.  Their attention to Business Critical needs and unprecedented commitment to technological advancement made them a primary candidate to become an exclusive provider to the Global Cre8tive Inc. strategy.  

Lime//Cloud operates between geographically diverse Points of Presence for a seamless high speed experience by offering network connectivity closer to customer endpoints.  Most customers do not realize but the distance your visitors are from the point of presence plays a very large role in the performance of your website.

Personal Network / Business Network Clouds

Our Shared Personal and Business Clouds all feature a comprehensive offering of convenient services and features.  Our Network clouds are perfect for small businesses and personal websites that are dependent on uptime, reliable e-mail, and affordability.  A cPanel is provided to every customer at no additional cost, it is used to manage and maintain your hosting account.  This service is commonly referred to by other hosting companies as "Grid Hosting" providing your resources in a clustered environment. 

  • Same Day Setup
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free cPanel for all New Customers
  • Unlimited E-mail Addresses & FTP Accounts
  • One Click Software Installer

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

If your business needs include extreme scalability for the future and durability, we recommend a VPS (Virtual Private Server) where you are guaranteed allocation of a specific amount of resources.  This is different than a Network or Shared hosting option.  The resources for VPS customers are isolated and therefore dedicated to providing an even more reliable experience.  It becomes much less likely that a problem could be caused by another customer on the same server causing downtime for your online services.  We recommend asking questions and letting us know more about your business objectives so we can provide an exceptional VPS hosting plan for you.  Contact us today!

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting from Lime//Cloud is the perfect hosting platform to get your hosting business established.  We offer a Web Host Manager to add, remove, edit, and adjust packages for your customers.  Each domain added receives their own cPanel login credentials so they can manage their own setup or you can do it for them.  The service has complete transparency so your end users will not know who Lime//Cloud is and where the service is being provided from.

We'll take care of Migration

Are you coming from another Reseller provider?  We can offer a low cost migration service to bring you into our care.  We understand it can be frustrating dealing with poor performance, slow troubleshooting, and non-existent customer service.

50+ One-Click Install Applications for your Customers

Built into your customer's cPanel, they will have more than 50 of the most popular applications installable with a single click.  This is just one of the many value adds that can set you apart from your competitors.  With more applications being added all the time and the ability to add your own, you can really differentiate yourself and demonstrate your commitment to customers.

Support Desk Plus+

Through the My360 Portal we offer a 24/7 Support Desk that can accept tickets so we can track and log issues with reseller hosting.  Additionally, we offer Plus+ Support for customers that require some extra help such as setting up e-mail addresses or other day to day items.

WHMCS Billing Application

We can even provide an all-encompassing billing solution for your hosting.  We use it ourselves and agree, it's got everything you need to run an effective hosting company.

Free Consultation

If you are getting started with our hosting company and sign up for an account, you'll receive a free initial consultation to help you become more comfortable talking with your prospective buyers.

Contact us to become a part of one of the fastest growing global reseller teams in the digital marketplace.  Whether you're a small web design firm or a business specifically focused on hosting, our Reseller Service is the answer to earning more revenue from your customers.


In the last several years, there has been an overwhelming drive to accommodate the mobile audience.  Our team can help you engage your customers and prospective targets from the desktop to their mobile.  An increasing number of links in e-mail are being clicked while on a mobile device.  Are they reaching a page that can format correctly to their mobile platform?

If you're currently interested in supporting your business to become more mobile accessible, the immediate requirement is customer convenience.  The average user often looks for directions, prices, services, a menu, or contact information through your existing site.  These are all indicators that your site at least needs to be mobile accessible.  We are working diligently with existing and prospective clients to identify what their customers are doing on their website so we can help them with their mobile strategy.  The plan to accommodate mobile users complements your existing web efforts; it does not negatively affect or replace them in any way.

The First Steps

Taking a look at where your customers are spending time on your existing website as well as what type of devices/browsers they are using when visiting will help identify potential opportunities to enhance their experience.  Additionally, by knowing if visitors are experiencing challenges finding your website from a mobile device we can implement MOS (Mobile Optimization Strategy). 

The Design

Your mobile website is not going to be flash, be animated, or have audio streaming in the background.  There is a UI (User Interface), UX (User Experience) and Content strategy that is unique to mobile design.  Unfortunately, with web design there has been an extremely large number of web developers that have overlooked these principles causing the internet to be the massive web of confusion it is today.  The objectives are certain and the navigation paths are clean and directive.  Mobile websites are straight to the point, your customers will know where to go when they get there, we promise.

The Functions

One of the greatest parts of having visitors accessing your site from a mobile device is the convenience of technically "already having the phone in their hand".  Through call to action features such as click to call, click for directions, and add to home screen we are able to bond significant interactions at the very moment they access your site.  A mobile optimized site can even detect a visitor that is using a mobile device and automatically route them to the mobile optimized site.

We recommend that you implement a mobile strategy in the near future.  The need is imminent, with your competition already engaging a mobile strategy today.  Whether you have a few more questions or if you're ready to get started, we encourage you to request a quote and let us know more about your situation.

Our Services

Mobile Landing Page

We create a mobile landing page that will automatically detect visitors that are approaching your website from a mobile device.  They would automatically be directed to a specially formatted selector page that asks them how they would like to proceed.  The options could be as simple as having a link to enter the website and get directions, or customized to have forms that users could complete.

Mobile Website

This is a special website that is formatted for mobile devices.  We could turn your image galleries, content pages, and forms into reformatted content designed to fit a smaller screen.  This is a great way to complement your existing website and have equally as effective impact on your visitors.

Flash Conversion to Javascript

Are you just looking to have your existing website viewable on iOS devices?  Do you have flash elements that you would like converted so your site can be usable on non-flash enabled browsers?  Contact us, we can help.


Whether you are building a simple website or an online application, our Web Development experts can certainly help.  In today's world, your web presence is vital to the success of your business.  Existing customers rely on updates to keep them informed and prospects will view your website to evaluate if they should do business with you.  The first impression a visitor receives surely becomes their last if your web site doesn't immediately captivate him.  We fully understand the importance of functionality, usability, and aesthetics when connecting with your customers online.  

Full Web Site Development

From start to finish Cre8tive Inc. can manage your entire web site development.  We follow a methodology to ensure that there is an intention and purpose for each decision and no stones are left unturned.  Our team of experts each play a role in your project.  Working with our creative agency allows you to embrace experts of all competencies.  We have a project manager, graphic designer, web developer, and marketing specialist all collaborating together on every web engagement.  This provides skillful knowledge on every stage of the development process and reduces the time to deployment greatly.  We keep prospective projects in mind by inserting keyword rich and SEO friendly content so your customers can find you.

Why choose Cre8tive Inc.?

There are thousands of different web development companies to choose from, so why choose us?   The experience of working with our team will show you that we understand how important this investment is.  Through our methodology we can guarantee that we pay close attention to your needs while also spending time researching your audience.  During our process we provide transparency with real-time progress status in the My360 Portal.  Our support after web deployment will help you stay current with updates and help you with any challenges as you expand the content of your website.  Additionally, we offer other online services that complement our web development such as web hosting, e-mail marketing, and analytics.

Our Capabilities

The traditional areas of web development are a fundamental core to the Cre8tive Inc. Development team.  We can meet development requirements if necessary, but are often given the driver’s seat when selecting the specific technology for your web site.  The majority of websites today are built on these mobile accessible structures, each having a unique advantage dependent on the purpose and functionality of a project.  Our developers support but are not limited to the below technologies and languages:

Our Technologies / Languages
HTML Development
PHP Development
Python / django Development
AJAX Development
Ruby on Rails Development
Custom eCommerce Development
Twilio or Amazon AWS Integration


Advancing with Technology

We are in an industry that changes rapidly as new technologies are made available.  Some great examples are the recent boom for Social Media integration, HTML5 and the need for mobile accessibility with the iPad/iPhone.  Our company conforms to meet today's demands and we update our existing customers with the education required to understand the demand.  Working with us not only means that you'll get a product that is advanced for today's age, you will get the comfort of knowing that we are constantly going to be at the forefront of technology when you're ready to upgrade.

Flash Conversion to Javascript

Are you just looking to have your existing website viewable on iOS devices?  Do you have flash elements that you would like converted so your site can be usable on non-flash enabled browsers?  Contact us, we can help.


Are you a designer but do not have the resources to turn your designs into web sites?  Contact us and have Cre8tive Inc. take your designs and turn them into 1:1 web sites.  We have different levels of this service - each including different levels of service.  If you wish to partner with us and have an ongoing service for us to develop your designs, please request to become a partner.  We offer access to our My360 Portal to manage and submit your PSD to HTML projects.

Level Included Options
1 PSD Designs to HTML
2 Hosting, PSD to HTML
3 Hosting, PSD to Wordpress
4 Hosting, PSD to Flash or HTML with CMS
5 Hosting, PSD to Flash or HTML with CMS, Support

Any PSD to HTML service is offered as a 1:1 development, we do not improve designs or "fix up" any areas of your design.  If you require improvement to your existing designs, please let us know before requesting this service.

Web Applications & SaaS

The internet is becoming a reliable source for building your business and accessing content from virtually anywhere.  Your business may be able to benefit from the creation of a custom Online Application.  Anytime you are transmitting information, there is a potential way to optimize the process utilizing Software as a Service.  A continuously updated schedule, real time price changes, online reservations, integration with a 3rd party application, customer database management, and CRM - are all reasons to look into developing a web application.  If you aren't ready to start utilizing cloud services and would like to have an application built for internal use, we can help build a secure internal web based application.

What are some examples of Web Applications?

  • Salesforce Online CRM
  • Google Apps 
  • Facebook
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Dropbox

Contact us and let us know how we can help you optimize your business strategy with a web based application.  If SaaS is a large budget for your organization, it may be cost effective to develop your own.