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What is True 360?

Our Philosophy and general business strategies haven't deviated since day one. We have maintained high standards for our partner selection, creative quality control, and dedicated customer service. Our greatest strength is the meaning behind our philosophy and dedication defined in our True 360 model. This is the assurance that we are fully capable of providing a complete 360 Marketing solution for an organization of any size. Our executive management has spent years focusing on a reliable inventory of services offered as core competencies of Cre8tive Inc. Our services are broken down into segmented areas and together encompass a complete True 360 strategy. 

True 360 was an original concept - a strategy often presented during meetings to show customers a dedicated, yet functioning external marketing department. Our concept can be viewed more simply as four stages of a company's evolution through the marketing cycle.  The initial branding stage covers the branding process where a business would form the inception of it's identity. Additionally covered would be the continued discipline and enforcement of the brand and style guide. Following would be the physical presence of an organization. Commercial printing is the best example of physical marketing, with newer techniques such as Digital Signage via advertisement displays within locations to consider. This phase is nearly impossible to eliminate unless the business is strictly online with remote customers.   Digital presence is a critical piece to an organization in any industry, especially in today's web centric world. This includes all of the web development aspects of marketing.

Recently included to our portfolio, Mobile Inc. has been a successful means to get into customers' hands from the access of their mobile phones. The last and most important aspect of a successful marketing strategy is the post deployment effort. This stage comes after you've ran your marketing campaigns targeting prospective customers. The focus is primarily on Analytical measurement of your campaigns and the maintenance supporting the different areas of your marketing strategy.

True 360 allows a customer to engage in every stage effectively and measure results of all efforts being made at a high level. Additionally, the philosophy empowers a business to have the reliability of streamlining a comprehensive thoughtful marketing plan and ensuring the ability to react to business needs and proactively manage web presence. Every customer has the ability to make a choice but with the ongoing support and partnership of Cre8tive Inc. they have the power to make decisions.

The My360 Portal


The My360 Portal was developed to provide a centralized work flow of the creative services offered by Cre8tive Inc. Features and areas of the portal become unlocked as you become more engaged with our company. The basic features that are included allow us to work together transparently and effectively exchange feedback, cutting down on revision time and miscommunication. Our team can collaborate with you live and request more information as you provide feedback or accept a proof. With the My360 Portal you can optimize your marketing environment and focus on managing your business.

Project and Task Management

The most frustrating factors of working with a creative agency occur during the production of a project. The most common challenges are the frequency of updates, task ownership and transparency of status. At Cre8tive Inc., we believe the utilization of the My360 Portal, alleviates these issues. There are real time progress meters, collaborative message boards to review prototypes and task assignments. We give you the management role of authorizing our team to make changes and updates as we progress through the completion of your project.

Analytics and Reporting powered by Peak

We have many different services and products that incorporate Analytics and custom reporting. Through the My360 portal we have real-time graphs and Analytics data provided by Peak Online Marketing. The updates are up to the minute so you can see how your site is doing that same day! Our custom reports are posted in increments depending on your service level.

Cre8tiveAssurance Help Desk

You can access and create support tickets directly in your My360 Portal, even manage their status and respond to our help desk technicians. The Support ticketing system is directly connected to our help desk so there is no delay when requesting support. In fact, submitting tickets through the My360 Portal provides a quicker response time since it is directly entered into our system. You can learn more about Cre8tiveAssurance here.

The Vault

Consider The Vault a cloud based storage area for your creative assets. We store all of your completed collateral in the vault and provide secure access 24 hours a day to the files. No more e-mails in the middle of the night to request a resend of a past project!

The only way to gain access to our My360 Portal is to be utilizing a support based service.  Request a quote to get started with a service or have us call you today.


After working with Cre8tive Inc. your Company's creative assets become very valuable and should have some level of support to ensure their maintenance. Our Cre8tiveAssurance program offers a number of different service levels, each designed to cover your business needs and maintain your brand's integrity.

What are the benefits of Cre8tiveAssurance?
My360 Portal Access
Web Hosting & E-mail Support
Graphic Design Support & Updates
Responsive Content Updates for your Web Site
OnSite Content Management System Support
Website Analytics Support
Support Tickets through E-mail and Helpdesk
9 x 5 x Next Business Day Support (24/7 Available)


What if I am not currently a Cre8tive Inc. customer?

We have recently implemented a program designed to support new customers that have assets, such as a website, that were created by a different agency. We offer a maintenance contract that will allow us to support you with the same level of support as a customer that has had their website developed by our team. You can even have access to our My360 Portal to submit tickets, request upgrades and even monitor your website's analytics. Request a quote for Management and let us know more about how we can help.

Our Services

The services we offer are segmented into different focus groups, each with a different intent and goal in mind. If you can achieve a balanced portfolio across all of the unique areas, Cre8tive Inc. considers your company to have a complete marketing strategy. Browse through each of our different services and contact us to see what would be the most effective within your industry.

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